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L'età del disordine
Press reviews


"The Age of Disorder represents the most advanced and modern songwriting. The bewitching circularity of Begonie, the riff swollen with watts of Cocktailchemico, the surreal Gymnastics, the dense and introspective pianism of Era Ieri, the sidereal ramifications of Astronauta, the cut hardcore of Cuore Nero."
Enzo Pavoni


"The age of disorder puts "order" on Debora Petrina's skills as a (true) singer-songwriter."

Pasquale Rinaldis


"What seduces in this album is precisely the naturalness with which sophisticated atmospheres and daring compositions are combined with melodic hooks and current sounds; on the one hand there is immediately an extreme immediacy of listening, on the other hand new, particular and suggestive details are gradually discovered."

Stefano Bizarre Quario


"The reality of the facts is one and only one, few excuses: The Age of Disorder is a splendid album, among the best releases of 2022. It promises to be one of the most intense and engaging works of an entire personal discography as well as of most of the current proposals on this side of national borders."

Stefano Gallone


"There are the enthralling and unleashed pieces such as the initial "Begonie", the captivating acidity of "Cocktailchemico" and "Cuore nero" with tight electric guitars. The more experimental ones such as the theatrical "Ginnastica", sung with great irony, and "Panorami-che", full of electronics and with an interesting mix of voices. We go from the tango with piano and percussion of "Jingle" to the distorted blues phrasing of "Love is blind". Synths and electronics meet with the piano in "Era yesterday" and "What do you know about me". There are also intense, suggestive and enveloping pieces such as "Astronaut" and the final "Little scar". Petrina proves to be a complete artist (she plays piano, keyboards, guitars) with a refined, personal vocality and sonority poised between classic and modern."

Marco Sonaglia


"Eleven songs from which it is not easy to choose, no, not at all."

Diego Alligatore


"The best of this album is the clear, enchanting, almost tangible feeling that something brilliant and twisted is shaking among the folds of pieces wrongly disguised as pop songs."

Manuel Maverna


"Free woman, eclectic singer-songwriter, artist that artists like. A memorable album was born in the living room of his house."

Fabrizio Tassi


"A mature work, powerful, one of the best things here in Italy in this 2022. Perhaps it has come the time to bring the project to an higher level, because making this album look for an independent market product means to deny the enormous potential that it has."


"Every time in the "dead gora" of the Third Millennium, where the music of the pop area is shipwrecked in the homemade Trap - true reality of nothingness - without even the ferocity of Afro-American rap and barely supported by the repetitive musical geriatrics of home singer-songwriters, something significant is born it is a festive rite."

Marco Maria Tosolini


"Debora Petrina shows that she masters the language of sound very well in every nuance, proposing eleven intense pieces."

Guido Michelone


"Brazenness and genius. The melodies bend to openings and shots, subtleties and electronic experiments of great impact. Great album."

Alberto Marchetti


"The sensitivity is all feminine, with the courage of digging in the own inner being and to expose it to the others, but always with symbolic, poetic and often ironic modalities, so that it almost seems the willness not to take yourself too much seriously. A world that sometimes seems subjective, intimate and introjected on the self, but that, on the contrary, gradually unravels through endless musical/luminous threads until it expands itself in an universe of adamantine colored sparkles."
Liliana Picciotto


"She and this new album in turn represent the crème de la crème in the vast panorama of Italian singer-songwriter and independent music. Without a shadow of a doubt, we can say that this is an album with a gently pulsating alchemy, perceived from the first listening."


"Petrina knows how to climb the corners of the notes or ride them like waves. Through a visionary and suggestive writing, an evocative rumble, courage and an extension à la Kate Bush."

Barbara Santi


"Debora's voice is at its best, the old ribbon microphones used have created a truly original "fifties" effect. The opening trio of songs is simply irresistible. Begonie, Cocktailchemico and Ginnastica are three potential singles that in 45 rpm times would have played for a long time in the juke-boxes, rich as they are in melodies and refrains, to be memorized and listened to in everyday life. "The age of disorder" is one of the most successful works of this 2022."

Ricardo Martillos


"The artist's references are high: Diamanda Galas, for the often dramatic and dynamic use of the piano, as in Begonie, which also boasts a hypnotic text, full of assonances and iterations, or Cristina Donà, for the setting of the voice, sometimes doubled in a charming echo and underlined by the piano, as in Panorami-che, or Era Ieri. Petrina knows how to touch the strings of feeling, without ever being sentimental; and this is a remarkable quality, in an increasingly self-referential musical world. Two small pearls bear witness to this: the ethereal story of Astronauta, or the painful, suspended, minimal Piccola Cicatrice, which closes the disc with a shiver."

Laura Bianchi


"Wounds, scars and absences that hover in the air create a sort of inner disorder that mixes with the social and cultural disorder of this time. An album that knows how to place itself at the highest levels of what we could define as the indie-rock vein with electronic veins."

Andrea Podestà

EXPOSE' // Seattle

"For her fourth full-length album of original songs, Debora Petrina gives us L'Età del Disordine (The Age of Disorder), another superb collection of creative music that defies categorization.
L'Età del Disordine is a shining example of unfettered creativity combined with an adventurous spirit, impeccable technique, and the intelligence to put it all into a coherent package.
It’s certainly one of the highlights of 2022, and contains many songs that will be worth revisiting for years to come."

Jon Davis


"Who are the (new) ladies of Italian jazz: they compose, play, sing. They create records and music festivals. They are creative. And increasingly determined to break down certain stereotypes... in the jazz world."

Paola Babich


"Infinite sound solutions, between analogue and digital, of little things that make the difference... and above all, of stateless and free contamination."
Gianluca Clerici

Classic Rock on Air

Cocktailchemico is the closing theme for the month of December of Classic Rock on Air, a program created by Renato Marengo, distributed on 150 radio stations throughout Italy.

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