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NuovoMondo Symphonies
Press reviews


"It is a lysergic and imaginative journey into distant and unknown worlds, mysterious "wonderlands" in which the creators/producers of this wise and fairy-tale adventure accompany us. The beauty of "NuovoMondo Symphonies" and the brilliant "avant-garde pop" contained therein were noticed by two masters such as Terry Riley and Elliott Sharp. Really cultured and inspired work."

Enzo Pavoni


"Petrina's voice moves between the classic avant-garde and nuances of soft-rock and electronics, David Byrne style, to be clear, her illustrious admirer, among other things, maintaining her own casual personality. Mancuso saturates spaces with keyboards. He does not take solos, nor does he engage in completely improvised parts. His pianism is entirely compositional, at the service of the scores, of the continuous flow created with his partner to outline the discovery of mysterious and unknown horizons."


"Explorers between pop and avant-garde, the two authors create a world where everything holds together as if by magic: from the invented idiom of Magma to the hypnotic circularity of Steve Reich, from the witch-like invocations of Diamanda Galàs to the breezy Beatles orchestrations. One of the most beautiful Italian records of 2022."

Nazim Comunale

Terry Riley

"What a fresh sounding landscape full of gems. You both are so gifted and such musically aware is a joy to hear what you have done together. I think it is brilliant that you came up with these fragments that somehow tie together in a unique way and unified way. Dwoworak... based on Chopin is a beautiful ballad up there with the best compositions of Miles and of Bill Evans. I love Debora singing too. Her voice is beautifully suited to the music she makes and really draws the listener in. Dove Va ... Wow...Wow GREAT!"


"An hour that has reconciled us with the profound sense of what pop can be when it fearlessly embraces the avant-garde. Nuovomondo Symphonies is also a record, released by the US zOaR Records: 46 minutes of the highest level."

Nazim Comunale

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