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voice, piano, toy piano, keyboards, guitar, all compositions and lyrics

Marco Fasolo:

guitar, bass, percussion, additional backing vocals

Andrea Davì: drums, percussion

Arrangements and artistic production by Petrina and Marco Fasolo

Voices and drums recorded at Argo 16, Venice-Marghera

Mixed by Marco Fasolo

Mastered by Riccardo Zamboni

Photos by GG

Costume design by Michela Francia

Hairstyle by Salone Multispace

Graphic design by Nemo Dezign

Produced by Petrina






2016 - AlaBianca

Compositions and lyrics by Petrina 

Arrangements by Petrina, Mirko Di Cataldo, Federico Mistè, Ugo Ruggiero 

Petrina: voices, keyboards, electronics 

Mirko Di Cataldo: acoustic guitars, electric guitars, electronics 

Federico Mistè: bass 

Ugo Ruggiero: drums, electronics 

Valeria Sturba: violins in Wild Boar and Paper Debris 

Vincenzo Vasi: voice solo in Wild Boar 

Andrea Davì: percussions in Miles 

Leonardo Ardillica: trumpets in I Like 







Voices, violins and keyboards recorded by Mirko Di Cataldo at Studio Mobile 80 

Guitars, trumpets, bass, drums and percussions recorded by Mirko Brigo at Bunker, Arquà Petrarca 

Mixed by Mirko Di Cataldo & Ugo Ruggiero at Studio Mobile 80 

Mastered by Max Trisotto 
Photo cover by Gigi Zerbetto 

Cover art-work by Michele Sambin 

Graphics by Riccardo Pirotto 


2015 - Tǔk Voice

Only - M.Feldman/R.M.Rilke 


River Man - N.Drake 


Burning Down the House - Talking Heads 


Ghosts - D.Sylvian 


Angel Eyes - M.Dennis 


Roses of the Day - J.Cage/D.Petrina/e.e.cummings 


Ha tutte le carte in regola - P.Ciampi/G.Marchetti 


Light My Fire - The Doors 


Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Eurythmics 


Can You Follow? - J.Bruce








Arranged and performed by Petrina (voice, piano, prepared piano)


The song ''Roses of the Day'' is composed by Petrina after ''Experiences no.2'' by John Cage, and registered with him. The score is available from C.F. Peters


The album has been published by Paolo Fresu for the launch of his new label dedicated to voices, Tǔk Voice


Recorded and mixed by Mirko Di Cataldo 


Mastered by Max Trisotto


Cover image by Paul Mennea


Back cover photo and no.4 by Ivannavi

Photos no. 2, 3 and dress by Claudia Fabris


Graphic design by Benno Simma






Five remixes of the song Princess contained in the album PETRINA (see below).


Remixed by Gianni 'Bertoxi' Bertoncini

Voice: Debora Petrina


Voice recorded by Mirko di Cataldo


Mastered by Max Trisotto


Cover art:

Gianni Bertoncini






2013 - Autoproduction

Debora Petrina

Lyrics, music, arrangements: Debora Petrina 

Production assistant: Mirko Di Cataldo 

Orchestration of track 11: Jherek Bischoff 


Label: AlaBianca / Warner


Recorded by Mario Marcassa at Cat Sound Studio, Mirko Di Cataldo at Studio Mobile 80Jherek Bischoff track 11 


Mixed by Max Trisotto, Mirko Di Cataldo track 11 


Mastered by Max Trisotto



David Prando



Debora Petrina: voice, piano, keyboards, synth 

Mirko Di Cataldo: guitars, bass, charangos

Piero Bittolo Bon: saxophones, bass 

Alessandro Fedrigo: bass 

Gianni Bertoncini: drums, electronics 

Niccolò Romanin: drums 

Nicola Manzan: violin 

Giancarlo Trimboli: cello 

Carlo Carcano: electronics 

Amy Kohn : accordion 

David Boato: trumpet 

Riccardo Marogna: clarinet 

Thomas Riato: basso tuba bass 

Arrigo Axia: percussions

Jherek Bischoff Orchestra



John Parish (lead guitar on track 3),

Lina (whistle & telling voice on track 10)

David Byrne (initial voice on track 10)


2013 - AlaBianca / Warner

Debora Petrina

Lyrics, music, arrangements: Debora Petrina 

Produced by Debora Petrina


Recorded by Stefano Amerio at Studio ArteSuono

Voices recorded by Veniero Rizzardi at Studio 75


Mixed by Alberto Roveroni at La Fabbrica del Suono


Mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at New Mastering Studio



Claudia Fabris (white pictures)

Francesco Berardinelli (dark pictures)


Debora Petrina: voice, piano, keyboards

Alessandro Fedrigo: bass 

Gianni Bertoncini: drums



Elliott Sharp (guitar on track 7),

Amy Kohn (accordion on track 8)

Ascanio Celestini (radio announcement on track 9)

Emir Bijukic (electronics on track 5)


2009 - Autoproduction

Debora Petrina

Music by Morton Feldman

Pianist: Debora Petrina


Label: OgreOgress


Recorded and mixed by Glenn Freeman at Grand Rapids, Michigan



Irene Haupt

Roberto Masotti


2003 - Ogre Ogress

Music by Sylvano Bussotti


Label: Stradivarius


Produced by 

SaMPL (Sound and Music Processing Lab)

Conservatorio Cesare Pollini - Padova

Centro d’Arte degli Studenti dell’Università di Padova


Recorded by

Daniele Padovan e Alessandro Perillo


Mixed by

Valerio Zanini e Alberto Vedovato


Track 1

Ciro Longobardi, Giovanni Mancuso, Aldo Orvieto, Debora Petrina: piano

Track 2

Carlo Lazari violino, Aldo Orvieto: piano

Track 3

harpsichord: Ciro Longobardi,

Giovanni Mancuso, Aldo Orvieto, Debora Petrina: prepared piano

Alvise Vidolin live electronics

Track 4

Giovanni Mancuso, Aldo Orvieto: piano

Track 5

Giovanni Mancuso: piano

Track 6

Aldo Orvieto: piano

Track 7

Aldo Orvieto: piano

Claudio Ambrosini: piano on strings

Alvise Vidolin live electronics


2013 - Stradivarius

Debora Petrina
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